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The Valvomec Mission

is oriented to the valorisation of experience, as Guarantee of Quality products and global Reliability, in order to offer the market not only with its range of high quality industrial valves, but as a Partner for the development of new projects in Bronze.

Policy for Quality Control, Environment and Health & Safety at work

Valvomec, rooted in 90 years of manufacturing experience for bronze industrial valves and machined bronze components, is proud to keep alive still today the principles which guided the company in nearly a century of existence.
A company culture based on values of loyalty’, fairness, transparency and confidentiality, with the primary objective of Total Quality reachable trough continuous improvements of each single aspect of the company structure.  The upkeep of our UNI EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certifications is a statement of our drive for continuous improvement,  clearly stating and sharing our company policy:


  • Manage, improve and monitor all processes in line with evolving management techniques, new technologies and norms.
  • Look for any improvement useful in reaching our planned objectives.
  • Fulfil orders to required delivery dates, optimising all production processes.
  • Introduce skills improvement opportunities for all personnel, stressing the importance of a quality culture, environment protection and personal health & safety.
  • Work closely with suppliers towards a satisfactory quality system, involving them in identifying and analysing causes of non-conformity and finding ways to prevent them or reduce their reoccurrence.


  • Operate within the existing environmental norms through a careful management of raw material, atmospheric emission of water and industrial waste, through regular monitoring.
  • Improve awareness in suppliers for a need of a proper environmental policy, with incentives to those who adopt environmental policies.


  • Operate within the existing hygiene and health & safety norms in the work environment.
  • Regularly and carefully monitor not only accidents but also reports of missed accidents.


  • Operate with integrity and transparency, without recurring to illegal practices when dealing with public bodies and private companies.
  • Operate correctly in handling competition data, proprietary information and other intellectual properties.
  • Operate in full respect of laws regulating fair competition, anti-trust and misleading marketing.

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